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Tag Export Company, which was established, depends on experience and knowledge; we are specializing in export pickles, herbs, medical herbs, fruits and vegetables.

Experienced staff have been involved with pickles, herbs, medical herbs, fruits& vegetables production and distribution for more than 10 years. We are currently a major player in our local market and are now expanding internationally.

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Why Egypt?

Agricultural Density

- Egypt produced 9 million, 518 thousand and 718 tons of fruit crops during one year of the new and old cultivated land, amounting to one million, 541 thousand and 781 feddans. The area of the old lands was 529 thousand and 983 feddans. With fruit crops of 1 million, 11,000, 798 acres and the productive areas recorded by the report in the old lands, 470 thousand, 962 feddans, new lands, 749 thousand and 777 feddans.

- Egypt is not absent from the global market of medicinal and aromatic plants, which has annual trading volume of about 60 billion dollars. It is a major exporter of about 45 million dollars, representing 1 and 2% of the total Egyptian agricultural exports.

Axis Geography

- The geographical position of Egypt and the existence of important commercial crossings such as the Suez Canal, commercial and excellent in the ease of transport of goods, moderate weather in all seasons of the year, which gives safety to agricultural crops, especially herbs, the absence of natural risk threatens crops such as floods or earthquakes and volcanoes.

- That this type of plant does not exceed the cultivated area in Egypt and the world, 65 thousand acres by 0.8% and increase annually at a slow rate does not exceed 2.7% despite the huge turnout of the European Union and America and Japan to the Egyptian medicinal and aromatic plants, Due to quality, price and discipline factors in export dates.

Product Safety

- Egypt’s exports of agricultural products to the EU are growing; Egypt experienced a progressive trend in gaining a comparative advantage in exporting agricultural products in comparison to the main rivals. The new food product safety system, which is subject to the highest specialized analysis before export to the world market.

- Our products are preparing under the control of the Egyptian association for sustainable agri, and all products Inspection under the specific code based on the precise analysis of the Central Laboratory for Agricultural Climate Research, the Central Laboratory for Medical and Aromatic Plants Research and the Agricultural Quarantine Center for pesticide residue detection.
1. Department of Meteorological Applications Research (AARD).
2. Biological Agriculture Research Department (BARD).
3. Unsatisfactory Agriculture Research Department (SCRD).
4. Climate Modification Research Division (CMRD).